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Maureen Marie Sundstrom

Maureen Marie Sundstrom

Verona, WI


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My life has completely transformed over the past ten years. I have gone from being a city girl in the fast paced business world, to moving to the country mountains, becoming an avid Master Gardener, taking Art Classes to further a long dormant talent and share that passion and it's fruits with all of you. And now...I have come full circle, Back again to the City.

I love to create artwork. Whether I am out in the gardens or sitting with a paintbrush in my hand in front of an easel or on the road with my camera out capturing beautiful photos, I am always looking for special images to share with my customers. I can tell you this for certain.... that those who know me best get a real kick out of seeing me in the mud planting flowers and seeds and later taking photos of the blooms, their hearts race a little faster when I tell them about the black bears I see or the cougars or timber wolves that are silently waiting in the shadows of the woods, and they take delight( or breathe a sigh of relief) when I come in after a long walk in the new fallen snow, ready for a cup of coffee and anxious to download my captures to my computer and get to work. Who ever would have thought this would become my lifestyle and life's passion!

The world that we live in is filled with the great beauty of nature. It is a gift from God. The spiritual peace that I feel when out taking photos, drawing, painting or writing provides me with inspiration. I take that inspiration and use it to create art that is a reflection of that beauty. I have come to understand the value of creating your own perfect environment. In that place, you can find inner contentment and peace. We all need this peace to become more empowered and spiritual.

My photography, art, writing and graphic design work have appeared in national publications such as; "Arts & Crafts Homes and The Revival Magazine", "Style 1900 Magazine", "American Bungalow Magazine", "Wisconsin Trails Magazine", "Cottages and Bungalows Magazine", local news publications, Chamber Books, Tourism Guides, and more. I have illustrated the cover for beautiful book of Poetry and will be illustrating the sequel soon.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best I have to offer.
Contact me today to commission a Fine Artwork Original or shop my site and purchase a Limited Edition, Print or create your own special art. I now offer cell phone covers and greeting cards.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!


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